Beef Cow-calf Vaccine Project  

Beef Cow-calf Vaccine Project

In response to an identified need for knowledge translation and transfer materials, a research team with broad experience in western Canadian beef production, veterinary practice, research, and extension was assembled. The group surveyed beef producers and veterinarians, identified guidelines for “core” and “risk-based” beef cow-calf vaccines, and drafted a range of materials including infographics, decision trees and reports, as well as podcasts, webinars and videos.

Project Overview




1. Podcast: Project Overview with Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed

Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed, a beef veterinarian and epidemiologist, shares recent results from producer and veterinarian surveys regarding beef cattle vaccination. She also provides a number of beef health vaccination planning resources and decision-making tools developed by a research team of cattle experts to support the valid veterinary-client-patient relationship


2. Webinar Recording: Beef Cattle Vaccination: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Beef veterinarians discuss real life outbreaks of disease in western Canadian beef herds that could have been prevented. They  review strategic vaccination protocols and how proper vaccine handling can reduce financial losses.

Core Beef Cow-calf Vaccines

Risk-based Vaccines

Vaccine Handling and Administration

Podcast: Vaccine Handling and Storage with Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed



1. Administering Vaccines                    

2. Vaccination Protocols and Records            
3. Cleaning Equipment                     
4. Types of Vaccines and Mixing                  
5. Vaccine Transport and Storage        
6. Vaccine Disposal



1. Vaccine Backgrounder

2. Vaccine Handling Tips

Common Beef Cow-calf Diseases

What's next

The team has drafted a questionnaire to help gather the information your veterinarian will need in discussing vaccine options with you. 


We acknowledge and thank the working group that created these vaccination extension tools: Dr. Joyce Van Donkersgoed (Project Coordinator), Dr. Barb Wilhelm (WeCAHN), Dr. Claire Windeyer, Dr. Eugene Janzen and Robyn Kurbel (UCVM), Drs. Colin Palmer & Scott Wright (University of Saskatchewan Livestock & Forage Center of Excellence), Dr. Bill Newton, Dr. Blaine Pickard, Drs. Dorothy Erickson & Bruce Kostelansky (Zoetis), Dr. Tim Nickel (Boehringer Ingelheim), Drs. Natasha Kutryk & Sam Wauer (Merck), Dr. Dan Shock (Hipra), Dr. Lacey Fowler (Elanco), Marianne Possberg & Glenn LaPointe (Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association), Saskatchewan Agriculture (Travis Peardon, Catherine Lang, Jenay Werle), Andrea Hanson (Lakeland College).

This project was funded by the Beef Cattle Research Council, Alberta Cattle Feeders Association, Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association, Manitoba Beef Producers, Boehringer Ingelheim, Elanco, Hipra, Merck, and Zoetis.