WeCAHN Equine Network

WeCAHN Equine Network

Membership of the WeCAHN Equine Network includes veterinary practitioners, laboratory diagnosticians, veterinary college researchers, and provincial ministry staff including veterinary epidemiologists.

WeCAHN Equine Network to launch spring 2024!

Following are collections of documents from the WeCAHN information library in the areas of equine emerging issues, infographics and short summaries, and international equine surveillance and research.

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Graphic emerging issues

Emerging issues

Emerging equine health issues such as antimicrobial resistance, emerging diseases, and zoonoses.
Graphic infographic

Infographics and summaries

Infographics and summaries on equine health and surveillance topics
Graphic globe

International equine surveillance, research, and foreign animal diseases

Foreign equine diseases, international equine health surveillance, and research